0. Definitions

  • Product – Specified set of digital files that may contain 3D Data, Images, Video, Audio, Software, and is the property of WMStudio.
  • Product Files – Digital files that constitute the WMStudio product.
  • Buyer – Company/Person who made confirmed payment for ordered products.

1. General

  •  WMStudio offers its products and services based exclusively on the following terms of use.
  • Terms of use of the buyer are rejected and will not apply to WMStudio products and services.
  • Exceptions from following terms of use must be confirmed by WMStudio by email or writing.
  • All information on WMStudio website are non-binding and can change over time.

2. Registration

  • Person who creates an account on website www.wmsdesign.pl becomes a “user” of this website and agrees to add the data he/she provides in the registration form of the WMStudio database.
  • Registered users gain access to the “Free Stuff” website section.

3. Delivery

  • Payment has to be made in advance on the WMStudio account.
  • All WMStudio products are available for an immediate download after the payment is confirmed.
  • Downloading process of purchased products is the Buyer’s part.

4. Returns and Refunds

  • Every WMStudio product can be returned within 14 days after the purchase. The product can not be returned or refunded after 14 days.
  • In the moment of the refund, Buyer loses all rights and licences to refunded products.
  • In the moment of the refund, Buyer is obligated to delete permanently all refunded product files. Continued usage of the refunded product is illegal and is a basis for legal actions.

5. Protection of Buyer and Users Data

  • WMStudio treats all buyer/user data highly confidential.
  • WMStudio processes buyer data solely for the purpose of order fulfillment, and for occasional contact with the buyer/user. Service companies (PayPal, Bank) which have to be involved in the order processing, receive buyer’s data only to the necessary extent of the order completion.
  • WMStudio will never pass on or sell the buyer/user data to any third parties.
  • WMStudio will not the use buyer/user data to send spam or trade offers.

6. Licence Agreement for WMStudio products

  • With the confirmed payment and downloaded Product Files, buyer recognizes the validity of the following agreement.
    End User of WMStudio products becomes the company/person whose data is given during the ordering process.
  • Buyer obtains a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use and to modify the Product Files in accordance with the conditions laid out in the following paragraphs.
    Within the company, the buyer is authorized to use the purchased
  • WMStudio product up to 10 work stations.
  • Buyer CAN USE WMStudio product without any limitations inside his commercial or free projects, where the product files will be inseparably integrated with Buyer’s project.
  • Buyer CAN NOT USE whole or parts of WMStudio product for resale, passing on, making available, or dissemination in exchange for consideration, or free of charge. Buyer can not rent, lease, lend, sell or sub-license the product files to another person, company or other entity.
  • Product Files CAN NOT under any circumstances be used in or be conjoined with pornographic, defamatory, obscene, fraudulent, libelous, infringing, immoral, or illegal material. The buyer and the user have the sole and full responsibility for all legal consequences of any such use.

ALLOWED – Unlimited prints, Illustrations, renderings, films, videos, TV transmissions, multimedia presentations, internet presentations, websites illustrations, DVDs, games, training videos, music videos, broadcasting systems.
NOT ALLOWED – Reselling WMStudio Product Files on stocks, sending WMStudio Product files to other persons/companies.

7. Amendments

  • WMStudio reserves the right to amend or change this agreement at any time.